Orthodontics vs Regular Dentistry

Orthodontics is the special branch of general dentistry which helps in treating the improper positioning of the teeth causing improper bite as a result. Treating and controlling the shape and development of the jaw along with various aspects of growth in facial region also come under this branch of normal dentistry. The specialists in orthodontics are known as orthodontists who also take special care of the appearance of their patients through cosmetic dentistry. At Alliance Dental, we are among the most experienced practitioners of orthodontics in Milton Ontario.

Difference Between Orthodontics and Regular Dentistry

Most of the people get confused while talking about orthodontics and normal dentistry but after knowing what is orthodontics, it becomes very easy to differentiate both of these terms. Though both the procedures are carried out by qualified doctors who deal with the teeth of their patients but still there are several differences between them. Even if orthodontics and normal dentistry deal with the similar issues of the teeth but the difference in their methods make them different. In order to understand the difference between normal dentistry and orthodontics you will have to compare the qualifications and procedures adopted by the professionals engaged in these fields. Brief information provided in this write up can help you in differentiating between these two procedures of dentistry.

Normal Dentistry

You might have gone to your dentist several times in a year to treat any of your dental problems including cavities in your teeth or for cleaning them etc. So you may be very familiar with the working of your dentist. The dentists engaged in normal dentistry can start his practice after completing his medical school and postgraduate training in dentistry. The doctors involved in this field usually deal with the general problems related to gums and teeth including gum health, tooth decay, teeth cleaning, tartar etc.


The professionals engaged in orthodontics have to complete a special residency program in orthodontics for two years. During this program they go through intensive study on how to move jaws and teeth to correct their alignment. The field of their working is to deal with serious problems regarding the gums and teeth like aligning the tips of the teeth, closing wide gaps between the teeth and straightening of the crooked teeth. They also help in treating long term health problems of teeth and gums along with improving the oral functions like eating or speaking. They also treat traumatic problems like improper bites etc. They use special equipment to assess and measure the problems with the alignment of jaws and teeth. They can also recommend braces and various other forms of treatment to align your teeth and jaws while dealing with the problems of under bite, overbite, cross bite, improperly spaced teeth and crowded teeth etc.

So even if the dentists involved in general dentistry are also specialists in their field of work but still orthodontists specializes more precisely to deal with certain serious problems like the alignment of teeth and gums. Normal dentistry can be dealt by all the orthodontists but orthodontics can rarely be handled by normal dentists.

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