Importance of Dentistry for Children

Dental problems in children are common these days due to changing lifestyles and eating habits. But while visiting the dentist for the first time they should not any kind of fear in their mind. Most children’s dentists make special efforts to treat their dental problems in a non-frightening and pleasant environment. Their first effort makes you and your child feel comfortable from the moment you enter their clinic.

Milton, situated in Southern Ontario, is part of the Greater Toronto Area in the Halton Region. Located on Highway 401 in the west of Downtown Toronto Milton has a number of dentists that deal in children’s dentistry to keep the younger generation hygienically healthy from the very beginning. While discussing the pediatric dentistry options you must be aware of their importance.

Why is dentistry for children important?

It is important even for children to visit a dentist as soon as they start erupting teeth at the age of six to twelve months. In fact, proper care of the teeth from the very beginning helps the children in learning hygienic oral habits in a fun way to keep their teeth intact throughout their life.

At the time of erupting new teeth at the age of 6-12 months, children usually feel discomfort and tenderness in their gums till they continue to grow new teeth up to the age of three years. In order to reduce discomfort at this time, most pediatric dentists suggest that parents soothe their gums by rubbing a wet and cool cloth or a clean finger across their gum when they visit their clinic. Some dentists also recommend the use of a teething ring at this time till they finish teething with 20 primary teeth.

Children shed out these primary teeth from the age of six years throughout their childhood when they are replaced with permanent teeth up to their age of 21 years until they get all 32 teeth including wisdom teeth. During this period it is important that children should visit their dentist so that their permanent teeth may grow properly.

Adopting healthy habits of oral hygiene is another reason for which children should visit a pediatric dentist. They must visit their dentist at least twice a month after starting erupting new teeth so that their alignment and color can be checked well in time before they start creating any problems. The dentists for children also guide them about keeping their teeth clean by brushing them after every meal as the excessive use of liquid and sugary food in childhood can damage their initial teeth.

A pediatric dentist also guides the children and their parents on how to let them have fun while brushing their new teeth. They tell them to avoid using fluoride toothpaste up to the age of two years as it can be harmful to their teeth.

Thus, dentistry for Milton’s children is important for the proper care of their teeth from the very beginning.

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