Yearly Archives: 2015

Importance of Dentistry for Children

Dental problems in children are common these days due to changing life style and eating habits. But while visiting to the dentist for the first time they should not any kind of fear in their mind. Most children's dentists make special efforts to treat their dental problems in a non-frightening and pleasant environment. Their first…
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Tooth Whitening vs Teeth Polishing

Here is some information from us to clear up the confusion between whitening and polishing. Differences between these procedures Both procedures, tooth whitening and tooth polishing, are carried out by dentists in order to maintain your appearance, oral health and hygiene. The sole purpose of tooth whitening is to improve the appearance of teeth by…
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Orthodontics vs Regular Dentistry

Orthodontics is the special branch of general dentistry which helps in treating the improper positioning of the teeth causing improper bite as a result. Treating and controlling the shape and development of the jaw along with various aspects of growth in facial region also come under this branch of normal dentistry. The specialists in orthodontics…
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